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Dauphin ALETA (Sofa)

Dauphin office furniture combines the best of European-design and styling with German-engineered high-quality workmanship.

Since 1969, Dauphin North America (https://www.dauphin.com/company) has been a leading consultative seating solutions company for corporate, education, hospitality and healthcare markets.

Hawden Group USA is a dealer of Dauphin office solutions for today’s modern workspaces. Dauphin North America is one of the several vendors in our Premier Collection of office furniture manufacturers. We offer a multitude of services from budget development and space planning to move management and delivery with installation from our local warehouse. At Hawden Group USA, we are ultimately committed to offering our clients the same standard of quality and pursuit of service excellence during every phase of the project.

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Dauphin ATELIERS 2 (Collaborative Booths & Lounges)

Dauphin ATELIERS 2 (Collaborative Booths & Lounges)

Dauphin CUBITT (Bench, Chair & Sofa)

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